On February 27, 1996.


On February 27, 1996, “WEA” label released “Pogue Mahone”, the seventh and last studio album by The Pogues. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Steve Brown and Stephen Hague.


  • Spider Stacy- vocals
  • Jem Finer- banjo, guitar, hurdygurdy, translation
  • Andrew Ranken- drums, vocals
  • Darryl Hunt- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • James McNally- accordion, whistle, low whistle, Uillean Pipes
  • David Coulter – mandolin, ukulele, djembe, shaker, tambourine
  • Jamie Clarke – guitar
  • Stephen Warbeck- mandolin, piano, accordion
  • Jon Sevink – fiddle
  • Caroline Lavelle- cello
  • Jocelyn Pook- viola
  • Jules Singleton – violin
  • Sonia Slany – violin
  • Anne Wood – violin
  • Debsey Wykes – backing vocals
  • Steve Brown – backing vocals
  • Stephen Hague- backing vocals
  • Darryl Hunt- cover design, cover art
  • Claudia Pöschl – cover design, cover art
  • Steve Pyke- photography, portraits

Track listing:

  1. How Come – Ronnie Lane, Kevin Westlake
  2. Living in a World Without Her -Darryl Hunt, James McNally
  3. When the Ship Comes In – Bob Dylan
  4. Anniversary – Jem Finer
  5. Amadie – Andrew Ranken
  6. Love You ‘Till the End – Darryl Hunt
  7. Bright Lights – Jem Finer
  8. Oretown – Jem Finer
  9. Pont Mirabeau – Jem Finer
  10. Tosspint – Jem Finer
  11. Four O’Clock in the Morning – Andrew Ranken
  12. Where That Love’s Been Gone – Andrew Ranken, Steven Skull
  13. The Sun and the Moon – James Clarke, Spider Stacy

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