On February 25, 1980.


On February 25, 1980, “Capitol” label released “Against the Wind”, the eleventh Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Punch Andrews, Steve Melton, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section,Bob Seger and Bill Szymczyk. The album won two Grammy Awards.


  • Bob Seger– lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Drew Abbott– guitar
  • Pete Carr– guitar
  • Jimmy Johnson– guitar, horn
  • Barry Beckett– piano, keyboard
  • Randy McCormick – organ, keyboard
  • Alto Reed– horn, saxophone
  • Chris Campbell –bass
  • David Hood– bass
  • David Teegarden – drums, percussion
  • Roger Hawkins– drums, percussion
  • Bill Payne– organ, synthesizer, piano
  • Dr. John– keyboard
  • Paul Harris– organ, piano
  • Doug Riley – synthesizer
  • Sam Clayton –percussion
  • Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Ginger Blake, Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard – backing vocals
  • John Arrias, Steve Melton, Bill Szymczyk – engineer
  • Punch Andrews, John Arrias, Steve Melton, Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section, Bob Seger, Bill Szymczyk – mixing
  • Wally Traugott – mastering
  • Robert Vosgien – remastering
  • Roy Kohara – art direction
  • Tom Bert – photography
  • Jim Warren – paintings

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Seger.

  1. The Horizontal Bop
  2. You’ll Accomp’ny Me
  3. Her Strut
  4. No Man’s Land
  5. Long Twin Silver Line
  6. Against the Wind
  7. Good for Me
  8. Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight
  9. Fire Lake
  10. Shinin’ Brightly

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