On February 21, 1975.


On February 21, 1975, “Vertigo” label released “On the Level”, the eighth Status Quo studio album. “On the Level” was recorded in 1974, at the “IBC Studios” and “Phonogram Studios” in London, and was produced by Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan.


  • Francis Rossi – vocals, guitar
  • Rick Parfitt- vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Alan Lancaster- vocals, bass, guitar
  • John Coghlan- drums

Track listing:

  • Little Lady – Rick Parfitt
  • Most of the Time – Francis Rossi, Bob Young
  • I Saw the Light – Francis Rossi, Bob Young
  • Over and Done – Alan Lancaster
  • Nightride – Rick Parfitt, Bob Young
  • Down Down – Francis Rossi, Bob Young
  • Broken Man – Alan Lancaster
  • What to Do – Francis Rossi, Bob Young
  • Where I Am – Rick Parfitt
  • Bye Bye Johnny – Chuck Berry

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