On February 21, 1973.


On February 21, 1973, “Gordy” label released “Masterpiece”, the 16th   Temptations (The) album. It was recorded 1972 – 1973, and was produced by Norman Whitfield.


  • Dennis Edwards: vocals
  • Damon Harris: vocals
  • Richard Street: vocals
  • Melvin Franklin: vocals
  • Otis Williams: vocals
  • Melvin “Wah-Wah Watson” Ragin: guitar
  • Joe Messina: guitar
  • Paul Warren: guitar
  • Robert White: guitar
  • Eddie Willis: guitar
  • Robert Ward: guitar
  • Earl Van Dyke: piano, organ
  • Johnny Griffith: organ
  • Leroy Taylor: bass guitar
  • Bob Babbitt: bass guitar
  • Eddie Watkins: bass guitar
  • Aaron Smith: drums
  • Richard “Pistol” Allen: drums
  • Uriel Jones: drums
  • Andrew Smith: drums
  • Eddie “Bongo” Brown: bongos, congas
  • Jack Ashford: tambourine, maracas, sticks
  • Jack Brokensha: tympani, vibes, bells, gourd
  • Maurice Davis: trumpet
  • Ted Lucas: harmonica
  • Paul Riser: arranger
  • Des Strobel: design
  • Parvis Sadighian: sculpture (for album cover image)
  • Jim Britt: liner photo

Track listing:

All tracks by Norman Whitfield.

  1. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
  2. Masterpiece
  3. Ma
  4. Law of the Land
  5. Plastic Man
  6. Hurry Tomorrow

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