XTC: Apple Venus Volume 1


On February 17, 1999, “Idea Records” label released “Apple Venus Volume 1”, the thirteenth XTC studio album. “Apple Venus Volume 1” was recorded from January to August 1998, and was produced by Haydn Bendall and Nick Davis.


  • Dave Gregory– piano, keyboards, keyboards programming, guitars, backing vocals
  • Colin Moulding– vocals, bass guitar
  • Andy Partridge– vocals, guitars, keyboards programming
  • Haydn Bendall– keyboards
  • Nick Davis– keyboards
  • Prairie Prince– drums, percussion
  • Guy Barker– trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Steve Sidwell– trumpet solo
  • The London Sessions Orchestra with leader Gavin Wright
  • Mike Batt– orchestral arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Partridge, except where noted.

  1. River of Orchids
  2. I’d Like That
  3. Easter Theatre
  4. Knights in Shining Karma
  5. Frivolous Tonight – Colin Moulding
  6. Greenman
  7. Your Dictionary
  8. Fruit Nut
  9. I Can’t Own Her
  10. Harvest Festival
  11. The Last Balloon

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