T. Rex: Bolan’s Zip Gun


On February 16, 1975, “EMI” label released “Bolan’s Zip Gun”, the tenth T. Rex studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “MRI Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Marc Bolan.


  • Marc Bolan– vocals, guitar, Dartmouth music synthesizer
  • Mickey Finn– percussion
  • Dino Dines– keyboards
  • Gloria Jones– backing vocals, clavinet
  • Steve Currie– bass guitar
  • Harry Nilsson– backing vocals
  • Davy Lutton – drums
  • Paul Fenton– drums
  • Bill Legend– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Bolan, except where noted.

  1. Light of Love
  2. Solid Baby
  3. Precious Star
  4. Token of My Love
  5. Space Boss
  6. Think Zinc
  7. Till Dawn
  8. Girl in the Thunderbolt Suit
  9. I Really Love You Babe
  10. Golden Belt
  11. Zip Gun Boogie



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