The Cure: Bloodflowers


On February 15, 2000, “Fiction” label released “Bloodflowers” the eleventh Cure (The) album. It was recorded in 1998 and 1999 at “St Catherines Court”, “Avon” and “RAK Studios” in London, and was produced by Robert Smith and Paul Corkett.


  • Robert Smith- guitar, keyboard, 6-string bass, vocals
  • Simon Gallup- bass
  • Perry Bamonte- guitar, 6-string bass
  • Jason Cooper- percussion, drums
  • Roger O’Donnell– keyboard
  • Perry Bamonte, Paul Cox, Alex Smith – photography
  • Alexis Yraola – logo

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper and Roger O’Donnell).

  1. Out of This World
  2. Watching Me Fall
  3. Where the Birds Always Sing
  4. Maybe Someday
  5. Coming Up
  6. The Last Day of Summer
  7. There Is No If…
  8. The Loudest Sound
  9. 39
  10. Bloodflowers

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