Graham Nash: Earth & Sky

Earth skies

On February 15, 1980, “Capitol” label released “Earth & Sky”, the third Graham Nash album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Graham Nash.


  • Graham Nash – lead vocal, acoustic, rhythm and electric guitar, organ, electric piano, string arrangement, string writing, harmonica
  • David Crosby: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Stephen Stills: rhythm guitar
  • Joe Walsh: lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Craig Doerge: acoustic piano, electric piano, organ , string arrangement, string writing
  • Joel Bernstein: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • John Brennan: rhythm guitar
  • Danny Kortchmar: rhythm guitar, solo guitar
  • David Lindley: rhythm guitar, Hawaiian guitar, lead guitar
  • Steve Lukather: lead guitar
  • Joe Vitale: drums, percussion, timpani, organ, flute, synthesizer, acoustic piano, string arrangement
  • Jackson Nash: harmonica
  • George Perry: bass
  • Tim Drummond: bass, six-string bass
  • Russell Kunkel: drums, percussion
  • Joe Lala: percussion
  • Wayne Goodwin: string arrangement, orchestration, conducting , directing
  • Rhonni Hallman: strings
  • Jean Hugo: strings
  • Tim Barr: strings
  • Peter Kent: strings
  • Debra Price: strings
  • Vicki Sylvester: strings
  • Kevan Torfeh: strings
  • Julie Rosenfeld: strings
  • Carol Shive: strings
  • Daniel Smith: strings
  • Margaret Wooten: strings
  • Deborah Yamak: strings
  • Ruth Kahn: strings
  • Sid Page: strings
  • Debra Pearson: strings
  • Jackson Browne, Cece Bullard, Gloria Coleman – backing vocals
  • Brenda Eager: backing vocals
  • Cleo Kennedy: backing vocals
  • Armando Hurley: backing vocals
  • Leah Kunkel: backing vocals
  • Nicolette Larson: backing vocals
  • Glen Rosecrans: music preparation

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Nash; except where noted.

  1. Earth & Sky
  2. Love Has Come
  3. Out On The Island
  4. Skychild
  5. Helicopter Song
  6. Barrel of Pain
  7. TV Guide – Graham Nash, Joe Vitale
  8. It’s All Right
  9. Magical Child

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