On February 3, 1997.

White On Blonde1

On February 3, 1997, “Mercury” label released “White on Blonde”, the fourth Texas studio album.  It was recorded 1994 – 1997, at “Chateau De La Rouge” in France, “The Church” in London, “Abbey Road Studios” and “Parklane Studios” in London, and was produced by Sharleen Spiteri, Ally McErlaine, Johnny McElhore, Eddie Campbell, Richard Hynd, Mike Hedges, Dave Stewart and Rae Christian.“White on Blonde” was band’s first number one, and became their biggest seller. It has been certified 6x Platinum by the “British Phonographic Industry”. In 1988, the album was voted the 86th greatest album of all time by “Q” magazine readers, and it was ranked at number 34 in “Q’s” “Best 50 Albums of Q’s Lifetime.”


  • Sharleen Spiteri– vocals, guitar
  • Ally McErlaine– guitar
  • Johnny McElhone– bass guitar
  • Eddie Campbell – keyboards
  • Richard Hynd – drums
  • Roger Ward – guitar
  • Paul Taylor –programming
  • Alex Silva, Terry Disley– programming, keyboards
  • Martin Greene – strings arrangement
  • Claire Miles, Anne Stephenson, Sally Herbert, Claire Orsler, Susan Dench, Gini Ball, Chris Pitsillide – strings
  • Steven Granville – backing vocals

Track lsiting:

  1. 34 (Introduction) – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  2. Say What You Want – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  3. Drawing Crazy Patterns – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  4. Gallo – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  5. Put Your Arms Around Me – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Dave Stewart, Robert Hodgens
  6. Insane – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  7. Black Eyed Boy – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Eddie Campbell, Richard Hynd, Robert Hodgens
  8. Polo Mint City – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  9. White on Blonde – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  10. Postcard – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri
  11. 28 (interlude)
  12. Ticket to Lie – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Robert Hodgens
  13. Good Advice – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Mark Rae, Steve Christian
  14. Breathless – Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri




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