On January 31, 2000.


On January 31, 2000, “Creation” label released “XTRMNTR”  (pronounced “Exterminator”), the sixth Primal Scream studio album. It was recorded 1997 – 1999, and was produced by Primal Scream, Brendan Lynch,Adrian Maxwell Sherwood, Jagz Kooner, David Holmes, Hugo Nicolson, The Chemical Brothers,Kevin Shields and Tim Holmes. “XTRMNTR” won “Best Album” of the year at the “NME Calling Awards 2001”. “Q” magazine named it as one of the “50 Heaviest Albums of All Time”. “Stylus Magazine” ranked the album at number 10 on their “Stylus Decade” list of the “Top 100 Albums of the 2000s”. In 2014, magazine “NME” ranked “Shoot Speed/Kill Light” at number 190 and “Accelerator” at number 497 and in their list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, and the album is ranked at number 160 in “NME’s” “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Bobby Gillespie
  • Andrew Innes
  • Robert Young
  • Gary “Mani” Mounfield
  • Martin Duffy
  • Darrin Mooney
  • Jim Hunt
  • Duncan Mackay
  • Marco Nelson
  • Kevin Shields
  • Bernard Sumner
  • Phil Mossman
  • Darren Morris
  • Zac Danziger
  • Brendan Lynch
  • Greg Knowles
  • Gay-Yee Westerhoff
  • Keith Tenniswood

Track listing:

All tracks by Primal Scream, except where noted.

  1. Kill All Hippies – Primal Scream, Nelson/Discovery Productions Inc.
  2. Accelerator
  3. Extarminator
  4. Swastika Eyes – Jagz Kooner Mix
  5. Pills
  6. Blood Money
  7. Keep Your Dreams – Gary “Mani” Mounfield
  8. Insect Royalty
  9. MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill ‘Em)
  10. Swastika Eyes – Chemical Brothers Mix
  11. Shoot Speed/Kill Light



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