On January 29, 2007.


On January 29, 2007, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah self-released their second album “Some Loud Thunder”.  It was recorded in 2006, at “Tarbox Road Studios” and was produced by Dave Fridmann.


  • Alec Ounsworth – vocals, guitar
  • Robbie Guertin – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
  • Tyler Sargant – bass, backing vocals
  • Dave Friedmann – recording, mixing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Robbie Guertin – artwork

All tracks by Alec Ounsworth, except where noted.

  1. Some Loud Thunder
  2. Emily Jean Stock
  3. Mama, Won’t You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning?
  4. Love Song No. 7
  5. Satan Said Dance
  6. Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant
  7. Goodbye to Mother and the Cove – Alec Ounsworth, Tyler Sargent, Sean Greenhalgh
  8. Arm and Hammer
  9. Yankee Go Home
  10. Underwater (You and Me)
  11. Five Easy Pieces

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