On January 29, 1985.


On January 29, 1985, “Vertigo” label released “Stella”, the fourth Yello studio album.  It was recorded 1983 – 1984, at “Yello Studio” in Zurich, and was produced by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier. It was band’s first release without the founder member Carlos Perón.


  •  Boris Blank – vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Dieter Meier– lead and background vocals
  • Beat Ash – hi-hat
  • Chico Hablas – guitar
  • Annie Hogan– piano
  • Rush Winters – vocals
  • Petia Kaufman –glass harp

Track listing:

All music by Boris Blank, lyrics by Dieter Meier except where noted.

  1. Desire
  2. Vicious Games
  3. Oh Yeah
  4. Desert Inn
  5. Stalakdrama
  6. Koladi-ola – lyrics by Boris Blank
  7. Domingo
  8. Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)
  9. Let Me Cry
  10. Ciel Ouvert
  11. Angel No

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