On January 27, 1978.


On January 27, 1978, “Warner Bros.” released “Bootsy? Player of the Year”, the third Bootsy’s Rubber Band album. It was recorded in 1977 at “United Sound Studios” in Detroit and “Michigan Hollywood Sound Studios” in  Hollywood, and was produced by George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.


  • Phelps Collins, Bootsy Collins – guitars
  • Frank Waddy, Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper – drums
  • Bootsy Collins – bass
  • Joel Johnson – keyboards
  • Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner – horns
  • Gary Cooper, Robert Johnson – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Bootsy? (What’s the Name Of This Town) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Maceo Parker
  2. May The Force Be With You – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper
  3. Very Yes – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper
  4. Bootzilla – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  5. Hollywood Squares – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Frank Waddy
  6. Roto-Rooter – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Phelps Collins
  7. As In (I Love You) – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Bernie Worrell

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