On January 15, 1971.


On January 15, 1971, “Liberty” released “Hooker ‘n Heat”, a double album by John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. It was recorded in May 1970, and was produced by Bob Hite and Skip Taylor.


  • John Lee Hooker – vocals, guitar
  • Alan Wilson – harmonica, rhythm guitar, piano
  • Henry Vestine – lead guitar
  • Antonio de la Barreda – bass
  • Adolfo de la Parra – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by John Lee Hooker except where noted.

  1. Messin’ with the Hook
  2. The Feelin’ Is Gone
  3. Send Me Your Pillow
  4. Sittin’ Here Thinkin
  5. Meet Me in the Bottom
  6. Alimonia Blues
  7. Drifter
  8. You Talk Too Much
  9. Burning Hell – John Lee Hooker, Bernard Besman
  10. Bottle Up and Go
  11. I Got My Eyes on You
  12. Whiskey and Wimmen
  13. Just You and Me
  14. Let’s Make It
  15. Peavine
  16. Boogie Chillen 2 – John Lee Hooker, Bernard Besman



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