On January 3, 1974.

Phosphorescent Rat

On January 3, 1974, “Grunt” label released “The Phosphorescent Rat”, the fourth Hot Tuna album.  It was recorded May – October, 1973, at the “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Mallory Earl.


  • Jorma Kaukonen– vocals, guitars
  • Jack Casady– electric bass, bass balalaika
  • Sammy Piazza –drums, spoons, percussion
  • Tom Salisbury – conductor of strings and woodwinds
  • Andrew Narell – steel drums
  • Marek A. Majewski – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Jorma Kaukonen, except where noted

  1. I See the Light
  2. Letter to the North Star
  3. Easy Now
  4. Corners Without Exits
  5. Day to Day Out the Window Blues
  6. In the Kingdom
  7. Seeweed Strut
  8. Living Fust for You
  9. Soliloquy for 2
  10. Sally, Where’d You Get Your Liquor From? – Reverend Gary Davis

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