On December 11, 1970.


On December 10, 1970, “Island” label released “Lizard”, the third King Crimson studio album.  It was recorded August – September 1970, at the “Wessex Sound Studios” in London, and was produced by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield.


  • Robert Fripp– guitar, Mellotron, synthesizer, organ, devices
  • Peter Sinfield– lyrics, pictures, sleeve conception
  • Mel Collins– saxophone, flute
  • Gordon Haskell– bass guitar, vocals
  • Andy McCulloch– drums
  • Keith Tippett– acoustic and electric pianos
  • Robin Miller – oboe, cor anglais
  • Mark Charig– cornet
  • Nick Evans– trombone
  • Jon Anderson– vocals
  • Tony Levin- bass guitar
  • Gini Barris – outside painting
  • Koraz Wallpapers – inside marbling
  • C.S. – typography

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield

  1. Cirkus (including Entry of the Chameleons)
  2. Indoor Games
  3. Happy Family
  4. Lady of the Dancing Water
  5. Lizard
  • (a) “Prince Rupert Awakes”
  • (b) “Bolero – The Peacock’s Tale”
  • (c) “The Battle of Glass Tears”
  • (i) “Dawn Song”
  • (ii) “Last Skirmish”
  • (iii) “Prince Rupert’s Lament”
  • (d) “Big Top”

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