On October 19, 1979.


On October 19, 1979, “Stiff” label released “One Step Beyond”, the debut Madness album. It was recorded in 1979, at “Eden” and “TW Studios” in London, and was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.


  • Graham McPherson (Suggs) – lead vocals
  • Chris Foreman (Chrissy Boy) – guitars
  • Mike Barson (Monsieur Barso) – keyboards
  • Mark Bedford (Bedders) – bass
  • Dan Woodgate (Woody) – drums, percussion
  • Lee “Kix” Thompson– lead and backing vocals, saxophones
  • Cathal Smyth (Chas Smash) – lead and backing vocals, fancy footwork

Track listing:

  1. One Step Beyond– Campbell
  2. My Girl– Mike Barson
  3. Night Boat to Cairo– Mike Barson, Graham McPherson
  4. Believe Me – Mike Barson, Hasler
  5. Land of Hope and Glory – Chris Foreman, Lee Thompson
  6. The Prince – Lee Thompson
  7. Tarzan’s Nuts – Mike Barson
  8. In the Middle of the Night – Graham McPherson, Chris Foreman
  9. Bed & Breakfast Man – Mike Barson
  10. Razor Blade Alley – Lee Thompson
  11. Swan Lake– Tchaikovsky, Mike Barson
  12. Rockin’ in AB– Wurlitzer, Bazooka Joecover
  13. Mummy’s Boy – Mark Bedford
  14. Madness – Campbell
  15. Chipmunks Are Go! – Cathal Smyth, Brendan Smyth

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