On September 13, 1982.


On September 13, 1982, “EMI” label released “the Dreaming”, the  fourth Kate Bush album. It was recorded September 1980 – May 1982 and was produced by Kate Bush. “The Dreaming” was ranked on number 71 on “Slint Magazine” list of “Best Albums of the 1980s”; “Mojo” magazine’s “Top 50 Eccentric Albums of All Time” list and “The Word” magazine’s “Great Underrated Albums of Our Time” list.


  • Kate Bush – vocals, piano, strings, arranger, keyboards, Fairlightdigital sampling synthesizer
  • Ian Bairnson- lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Brian Bath – electric guitar
  • Alan Murphy- electric guitar
  • Paddy Bush- lead and backing vocals, harmonica, mandolin, strings, stick, bullroarer
  • Geoffrey Downes- trumpet, trumpet arrangement
  • Rolf Harris- Didgeridoo
  • Seán Keane- violin
  • Dónal Lunny- bouzouki
  • Liam O’Flynn- pipe, penny whistle, uilleann pipes
  • Dave Lawson- synthesizer, Synclavier digital synthesizer, sampler, string arrangements
  • Del Palmer- vocals, bass, fretless bass
  • Jimmy Bain- bass
  • Danny Thompson- bass
  • Eberhard Weber- double bass
  • Stuart Elliott- percussion, drums, stick
  • Preston Heyman- drums, stick
  • Esmail Sheikh – drums
  • Percy Edwards- vocals, sound effects
  • Stewart Arnold – lead and backing vocals
  • Gordon Farrell – vocals
  • Paul Hardiman- vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Gary Hurst – lead and backing vocals
  • David Gilmour- lead and backing vocals
  • Richard Thornton – vocals, choir, chorus
  • Bill Whelan – horn arrangements, string arrangements

All tracks by Kate Bush.

  1. Sat in Your Lap
  2. There Goes a Tenner
  3. Pull Out the Pin
  4. Suspended In Gaffa
  5. Leave it Open
  6. The Dreaming
  7. Night of the Swallow
  8. All the Love
  9. Houdini
  10. Get Out of My House

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