On August 14, 1971.

Whos next

On August 14, 1971, “Track” label released “Who’s Next”, the fifth Who studio album. It was recorded April -June 1971, at the “Olympic Studios” and “Stargroves” (Rolling Stones Mobile Studio)  in London, and was produced by Glyn Johns, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The album was developed from Pete Townshend’s aborted multi-media rock opera “Lifehouse”, written as a follow-up to 1969 album “Tommy”. “Lifehouse” was cancelled due to its complexity and conflicts with band’s manager Kit Lambert, but Townshend was insisting to record the songs and they finally appeared as “Who’s next”, as a straightforward studio album.


  • Roger Daltrey– vocals
  • Keith Moon– drums, percussion
  • John Entwistle– vocals, bass, brass, piano
  • Pete Townshend– vocals, guitar, VCS3, organ, R.P. synthesiser, piano
  • Dave Arbus– violin
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • Al Kooper– organ
  • Leslie West– lead guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except  where noted.

  1. Baba o’Riley
  2. Bargain
  3. Love Ain’t for Keeping
  4. My Wife – John Entwistle
  5. The Song is Over
  6. Getting it True
  7. Going Mobile
  8. Behind Blue Eyes
  9. Won’t Get Fooled Again



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