On August 13, 1990.


On August 13, 1990, “4AD” label released “Bossanova”, the third Pixies studio album. It was recorded in 1990, at “Silverlake Studio” in Hollywood, “Cherokee Studios” in Hollywood, “Hansa Ton Studio” in Berlin and “AIR” studios in London and was produced by Gil Norton.


  • Black Francis– vocals, guitar
  • Joey Santiago– lead guitar
  • Kim Deal– vocals, bass guitar
  • David Lovering– drums
  • Robert F. Brunner – theremin

Track listing:

All compositions by Black Francis; except where noted.

  1. Cecilia Ann – Frosty Horton, Steve Hoffman
  2. Rock Music
  3. Velouria
  4. Allison
  5. Is She Weird
  6. Ana
  7. All Over the World
  8. Dig for Fire
  9. Down to the Well
  10. The Happening
  11. Blown Away
  12. Hang Wire
  13. Stormy Weather
  14. Havalina

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