John Cage

On August 12, 1992, John Milton Cage Jr. died aged 79. He was composer, music theorist, writer, and artist, Cage was pioneer of indeterminacy in music, electroacoustic music, non-standard use of musical instruments and together with his partner, choreographer Merce Cunningham, in the development of the modern dance. He is regarded as one of the most important American composers of the 20th century and the leading figure of the post-war avant-garde. Cage’s work had influence on musicians and artists from various music styles, including Sonic Youth (band performed some of the Number Pieces), Stereolab  (named a song after Cage), Brian Eno (his label Obscure Records released works by Cage),  Aphex Twin (Prepared piano, which Cage popularized, is featured on their album Drukqs), Frank Zappa and Thom Yorke, who considered Cage one of his “all time heroes”.

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