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On November 24, 2008.

On November 24, 2008, “One Little Indian” label released “Electric Arguments”, the third Fireman album. The album was released 2007 – 2008, and was produced by Paul McCartney and Youth.


  • Paul McCartney – vocals, all instruments

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul McCartney.

  1. Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight
  2. Two Magpies
  3. Sing the Changes
  4. Travelling Light
  5. Highway
  6. Light from Your Lighthouse
  7. Sun Is Shining
  8. Dance ‘Til We’re High
  9. Lifelong Passion
  10. Is This Love?
  11. Lovers in a Dream
  12. Universal Here, Everlasting Now
  13. Don’t Stop Running (includes hidden track Road Trip)