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On September 3, 2012.

On September 3, 2012, “Electric Recordings” label released “English Electric Part One”, the seventh Big Big Train studio album. It was recorded in 2012, at “English Electric Studios” in Bournemouth, “Aubitt Studios”, “Regal Lane Studio”, “Studio Aurelia”, and was produced by Andy Poole.


  • Andy Poole – keyboards, acoustic guitar, mandolin, backing vocals, baritone bee, design
  • Gregory Spawton – bass guitar, electric guitar, slow moog, backing vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, keyboards, curator
  • David Longdon– lead vocals, flute, vibes, tambourine, banjo, accordion, melodica, keyboards, acoustic guitar, mandolin, birds and bees
  • Danny Manners – keyboards, piano, double bass
  • Nick D’Virgilio– drums, backing vocals
  • Dave Gregory– electric guitar, voice of the court usher, banjo, mellotron
  • Andy Tillison- organ, Moog, keyboards
  • Daniel Steinhardt – electric guitar
  • Eleanor Gilchrist – violin
  • Geraldine Berreen – violin
  • Rachel Hall – violin
  • Sue Bowran – violin
  • Teresa Whipple – viola
  • Abigail Trundle – cello
  • Jon Truscott – tuba
  • Dave Desmond – trombone
  • Ben Godfrey – cornet, trumpet, piccolo trumpet
  • John Storey – euphonium, trombone
  • Lily Adams – backing vocals
  • Martin Orford- backing vocals
  • Verity Joy – backing vocals
  • Violet Adams – backing vocals
  • Jan Jaap Langereis – recorders
  • Rob Aubrey – recording, mixing, monitoring
  • Ken Brake – recording
  • Matt Sefton – photography
  • Pete Callow – portrait photography

Track listing:

  1. The First Rebreather – Greg Spawton
  2. Uncle Jack – David Longdon
  3. Winchester from St. Giles’ Hill – Greg Spawton
  4. Judas Unrepentant – David Longdon
  5. Summoned By Bells – Greg Spawton
  6. Upton Heath – Greg Spawton, David Longdon
  7. A Boy in Darkness – David Longdon
  8. Hedgerow – Greg Spawton, David Longdon, Andy Poole

On September 23, 2016.

On September 23, 2016, “Intact” label released “Fuck Everyone and Run (F E A R)”, the eighteenth Marillion studio album. It was recorded 2014 – 2016, at “The Racket Club” in Buckinghamshire “Real World Box” in Wiltshire, England, and was produced by Michael Hunter.


  • Steve Hogarth– lead vocals, hammered dulcimer, bass xylophone
  • Steve Rothery– guitar, additional fretless bass
  • Pete Trewavas– bass, additional vocals
  • Mark Kelly– keyboards
  • Ian Mosley– drums
  • Sofi Hogarth, Jennie Rothery – additional vocals
  • Eleanor Gilchrist, Geraldine Berreen – violin
  • Teresa Whipple – viola
  • Abigail Trundle – cello
  • Michael Hunter – mixing engineer
  • Simon Ward – artwork, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley.

  1. El Dorado
    Long-Shadowed Sun
    II. The Gold
    III. Demolished Lives
    IV. F E A R
    V. The Grandchildren of Apes
  2. Living in FEAR
  3. The Leavers
    Wake Up in Music
    II. The Remainers
    III. Vapour Trails in the Sky
    IV. The Jumble of Days
    V. One Tonight
  4. White Paper
  5. The New Kings
    Fuck Everyone and Run
    II. Russia’s Locked Doors
    III. A Scary Sky
    IV. Why Is Nothing Ever True?
  6. Tomorrow’s New Country