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In December 1957.

In December 1957, “Riverside” label released “The Chicago Sound”, the only Wilbur Ware album. It was recorded in October – November 1957, at “Reeves Sound Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Orrin Keepnews.


  • Wilbur Ware – bass
  • Johnny Griffin – tenor saxophone
  • John Jenkins – alto saxophone
  • Junior Mance – piano
  • Wilbur Campbell, Frankie Dunlop – drums

Track listing:

All tracks Wilbur Ware except where noted.

  1. Mamma-Daddy
  2. Body and Soul – Frank Eyton, Johnny Green, Edward Heyman, Robert Sour
  3. Desert Sands – Paul Dunlap, Edward Heyman, Stuff Smith
  4. 31st and State
  5. Lullaby of the Leaves – Bernice Petkere, Joe Young
  6. Latin Quarters – John Jenkins
  7. Be-Ware – John Jenkins
  8. The Man I Love – George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin