Spiritualized: Everything Was Beautiful

On April 22, 2022, “Fat Possum Records” label released “Everything Was Beautiful” the ninth Spiritualized studio album. It was recorded 2021 – 2022, at “Konk Studios”, “Snap Studios”, “ROFL Audio Recording”, “Hackney Road Studios”, “Holy Mountain Studios”, “Fluff Studios”, “Flesh & Bone Studios”, “Urchin Studios”, “Bella Union Studios”, “Decoy Studios” and “Brushfield Street”, and was produced by Dan Cox and J. Spaceman.


  • J. Spaceman (James Spears) – vocals, guitar, banjo, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, dulcimer, autoharp, harmonica, percussion, arrangements, mixing, editing, art direction, design
  • Aaron Cupples, Cenzo Townshend, Darren Lawson, Drew Smith, Emre Ramazanoglu, Guy Massey, Iggy B, Jason Buckle, Misha Hering, Oliver Bayston, Shuta Shinoda, Tom Leach – engineer
  • Armelle Pignon, Ben McCluskey, Josh Green, Max Prior, Robert Sellens – engineer assistant
  • David Wrench – engineer, mixing
  • Dan Cox – engineer, editing
  • Matt Colton – mastering
  • Farrow – art direction, design

Track listing:

 All tracks are written by J. Spaceman.

  1. Always Together with You
  2. Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)
  3. Let It Bleed (For Iggy)
  4. Crazy
  5. The Mainline Song
  6. The A Song (Laid in Your Arms)
  7. I’m Coming Home Again

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