Midtown: Living Well is the Best Revenge

On April 16, 2002, “Drive Thru” label released “Living Well Is the Best Revenge”, the second Midtown studio album. It was recorded 2001 -2002, at “Larrabee East” in Los Angeles, “Media Vortex” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Mark Trombino.


  • Gabe Saporta – lead vocals, bass
  • – drums, backing vocals
  • Vinnie Caruana – additional backing vocals 
  • Mark Trombino – programming, engineer, mixing
  • Justin Smith – engineer
  • Pete Novak – engineer assistant
  • Dave Ahlert – engineer assistant
  • Brian Gardner – mastering
  • Mike Bozzi – mastering assistant
  • Tim Stedman – art direction, design
  • Marco Orozco – design
  • Justin Stephens – photography

Track listing:

All lyrics written by Gabe Saporta, except where noted, all music by Gabe Saporta, Heath Saraceno, Tyler Rann and Rob Hitt.

  1. Become What You Hate
  2. Still Trying
  3. Get It Together
  4. Like a Movie
  5. There’s No Going Back
  6. Perfect – Hearth Saraceno
  7. You Should Know
  8. One Last Time – Tyler Rann
  9. A Faulty Foundation
  10. In the Songs
  11. Find Comfort in Yourself – Hearth Saraceno
  12. Make This Right
  13. Let Go (remix)


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