Pete Townshend: With Love

In March 1976, “Universal Spiritual League” label released “With Love”, album by Pete Townshend and other musicians, dedicated to their spiritual mentor Meher Baba.


  • Pete Townshend – guitars, synthesized flute, synthesizer, drums
  • Billy Nichols – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Caleb Quaye – guitars, bass, drums
  • Ian McLagan – piano
  • Bernie Schwartz – piano
  • Roger Seiji – Hammond organ
  • Dave Hastlow – synthesizer
  • Ronnie Lane – bass guitar
  • George Turner – bass guitar
  • David Overton – drums
  • Stephanie Getz – flute
  • Littler Remer – clarinet
  • Connie Ehmke, David Lawson – violas
  • Loel Miller – cello
  • Ron Geesin – various instruments
  • Judy Ardine, Neal Crockett, Carol Leigh, Duce, Sonya Lawson, Mary Lewis – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. Hail Avatar Meher Baba (Last Qawali Group)
  2. Give It Up – Billy Nichols, Steve Humphries, McSmith, Alan Murphy
  3. Without Your Love
  4. His Hands
  5. Just for a Moment – Ronnie Lane, Eon Wood, Bruce Rowland
  6. Baba Blues – Loi Benbow
  7. Meher
  8. Contact
  9. Gotta Know Ya – Billy Nichols, Steve Humphries, Sammy Mitchell. George Butler
  10. Sleeping Dog
  11. All God’s Morning – Sydney Foxx, Peter Hanks
  12. Lantern Cabin

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