Al Green: Back Up Train

On March 21, 1967, “Hot Line Records” label released “Back Up Train”, the debut is Al Green album. It was recorded in 1966, and was produced by Curtis Rodgers and Palmer James.


  • Al Green – vocal
  • Mark Wilder – mastering
  • Howard Fritzson – design
  • Margery Greenspan – design
  • Lynn Goldsmith – photography
  • Anthony Heilbut – liner notes
  • Joy Gilbert Monfried – project coordinator

Track listing:

  1. Back Up Train – Curtis Rodgers, Palmer James
  2. Hot Wire – Palmer James
  3. Stop and Check Myself – Al Green
  4. Let Me Help You – Palmer James
  5. I’m Reachin’ Out – Tip Watkins
  6. Don’t Hurt Me No More – Curtis Rodgers, Palmer James
  7. Don’t Leave Me – Palmer James
  8. I’ll Be Good to You – Tip Watkins
  9. Guilty – Robert Earl Williams
  10. That’s All It Takes (Lady) – Curtis Rodgers
  11. Get Yourself Together – Tip Watkins, Palmer James
  12. What’s It All About – Tip Watkins, Palmer James
  13. A Lover’s Hideaway – Tip Watkins, Palmer James

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