Momus: Ocky Milk

On March 10, 2000, “Analog Baroque” label released “Ocky Milk”, the 19th Momus (Nicholas “Nick” Currie) album. It was produced in 1999, and was produced by John Talaga.


  • Rusty Santos – recording
  • Julie Jim – artwork
  • James Goggin – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Momus.

  1. Moop Bears
  2. Frilly Military
  3. The Birdcatcher
  4. Nervous Heartbeat
  5. Dialtone, Budha Mind
  6. Hang Low
  7. Permagasm
  8. Pleasantness
  9. Devil Mask
  10. 7000 BC
  11. Zanzibar
  12. Count Ossie in China
  13. Dr Cat
  14. I Refuse to Die
  15. Ex-Erotomane

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