Group 1850: Agemo’s Trip to Mother Earth

In February 1969, “Philips” label released “Agemo’s Trip to Mother Earth”, the debut Group 1850 album. It was recorded in 1968, at “Phonogram Studios” in Hilversum and “GTB Studios” in The Hague, Netherlands, and was produced by Hans Van Hemert and Erik Bakker.


  • Peter Siardin – vocals, organ, flute
  • Dien Van Bergen – piano, guitar
  • Dave Duba – guitar
  • Rob De Rijke – bass, flute
  • Dolf Geldof – bass
  • Ruud Van Buuren – bass
  • Beer Klaasse – drums
  • Martin Van Duynhoven – drums
  • Gerard Beckers – engineer
  • Erik Bakker – engineer
  • Hans Schultz – drawing
  • Ton Giesbergen – design
  • Aad Spanjaard – layout

Track listing:

  1. Steel Sings
  2. Little Fly
  3. I Put My Hands on Your Shoulder
  4. You Didi It Too Hard
  5. A Point in This Life
  6. Refound
  7. Reborn

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