Wendy O. Williams and Plasmatics: Maggot the Record

On February 18, 1987, “Profile Records” label released “Maggots: The Record”, the fourth Wendy O. Williams and Plasmatics studio album. It was recorded in 1987, at “Broccoli Rabe Studios” in Fairfield, New Jersey, and was produced by Rod Swenson.


  • Wendy O. Williams – vocals
  • Wes Beech – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals, associate producer
  • Michael Ray – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Chris Romanelli – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Ray Callahan – drums, backing vocals
  • James Gerth – the narrator
  • Jeanine P. Morick – Paula White, Dr. Wanda Carnot
  • Jeff Griglak – Josh White
  • Scott Harlan – Joe White, Dr. Richard Boltzmann, Lance
  • Tony Marzocco – Bruce Maltin
  • Suzanne Bedford – Valerie, Cindy White
  • Andy Bleiberg – anonymous TV anchor #1, TV game show host
  • Rod Swenson (credited as Stellar Axeman) – anonymous TV anchor #2
  • Jon Smith – engineer
  • Al Theurer – engineer
  • Larry Peet – engineer assistant
  • Rod Swenson (credited as Butch Star) – design
  • Eric Karalis – cover painting
  • John Michaels – photography
  • Jack Rudy – Wendy O. Williams’ tattoo

Track listing:

  1. Overture / Introduction (Narrator) – Rod Swenson, Wes Beech, Michael Ray
  2. You’re a Zombie – Rod Swenson, Michael Ray
  3. The White’s Apartment / Full Meal Dinner
  4. The Day of the Humans is Gone – Rod Swenson, Michael Ray
  5. The Central research Laboratory / Valerie and Bruce on the Phone
  6. Destroyers – Rod Swenson, Michael Ray
  7. The White’s Apartment / Bruce’s Bedroom
  8. Brain Dead – Rod Swenson, Michael Ray
  9. The White’s Apartment / Bruce’s Bedroom
  10. Propagators – Rod Swenson, Wes Beech
  11. The White’s Apartment / Fire Escape
  12. Finale – Rod Swenson, Michael Ray, Wes Beech

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