Marianne Faithful: Go Away from My World

In December 1965, “London” label released “Go Away from My World”, the third Marianne Faithfull studio album. It was recorded in 1965, and was produced by Mike Leander.


  • Marianne Faithful – vocals
  • Mike Leander – arranger
  • David Bailey – photography
  • Gered Mankowitz – photography
  • Andy Wickham – liner notes
  • Andrew Loog Oldham – executive prodycer

Track listing:

  1. Go Away from My World – Jon Mark
  2. Yesterday – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Come My Way – traditional
  4. The Last Thing on My Mind – Tom Paxton
  5. How Should True Love – Alfred Deller
  6. Wild Mountain Time – Francis McPeake
  7. Summer Nights – Brian Henderson, Liza Strike
  8. Mary Ann – traditional
  9. Scarborough Fair – traditional
  10. Lullabye – Jon Mark
  11. North Country Maid – traditional
  12. Sally Free and Easy – Cyril Tawney

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