Pel Mel: Out of Reason

In December 1982, “GAP Records” label released “Out of Reason”, the debut Pel Mel studio album. It was recorded in 1982, at “ATA Studios”, and was produced by Tony Cohen, Graham Dunne, Judy McGee, Craig Robertson and Dave Weston.


  • Graham Dunne – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Judy McGee – vocals, keyboards, saxophone 
  • Craig Robertson – bass, guitar
  • Dave Weston – drums
  • Tony Cohen – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Blind Lead the Blind
  2. Don’t Come Looking
  3. Overboard
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Screaming Heart
  6. Shoes Should Fit
  7. Barrel of Laughs
  8. Current
  9. Drowning
  10. Logic Failing

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