The J. Geils Band: Same

On November 16, 1970, “Atlantic” label released the self-title, debut J. Geils Band (The) album. It was recorded in August 1970, at “A&R Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Dave Crawford and Brad Shapiro.


  • Peter Wolf – lead vocals
  • J. Geils – guitar
  • Seth Justman – piano, organ
  • Magic Dick – harmonica
  • Danny Klein – bass
  • Stephen Jo Bladd – drums, backing vocals
  • Jay Messina, Geoffrey Haslam – engineer
  • Lloyd Ziff – design
  • Stephen Paley – photography
  • Fred Lewis – special assistance

Track listing:

  1. Wait – Seth Justman, Peter Wolf
  2. Ice Breaker (For the Big M) – J. Geils
  3. Cruisin’ for Love – Juke Joint Jimmy (Juke Joint Jimmy is a pseudonym used by The J. Geils Band for group compositions
  4. Hard Drivin’ Man – Peter Wolf, J. Geils
  5. Serves You Right to Suffer – John Lee Hooker
  6. Homework – Otis Rush, Al Perkins, Dave Clark
  7. First I Look at the Purse – Robert Rogers, Smokey Robinson
  8. What You Hurry – Peter Wolf, Seth Justman
  9. On Borrowed Time – Peter Wolf, Set Justman
  10. Pack Fair and Square – Big Walter Price
  11. Sho-Cone – Albert Collins

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