On September 23, 2003.

On September 23, 2003, “Rough Trade” label released “Gallowsbird’s Bark”, the debut Fiery Furnaces (The) studio album. It was recorded in 2003, at “Rare Book Room”, and was produced by Nicolas Vernhes.

Track listing:

  • Eleanor Friedberger – vocals, guitar
  • Matthew Friedberger – vocals, piano, synth, bass
  • Ryan Sawyer – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Eleanor Friedberger, Matthew Friedberger and Ryan Sawyer, except where noted.

  1. South Is Only a Home
  2. I’m Gonna Run
  3. Leaky Tunnel
  4. Up in the North
  5. Inca Rag/Name Game
  6. Asthma Attack
  7. Don’t Dance Her Down – lyrics adapted from “Big Jim in the Barroom”
  8. Crystal Clear
  9. Two Fat Feet
  10. Bow Wow
  11. Gale Blow
  12. Worry Worry
  13. Bright Blue Tie
  14. Tropical Ice-Land
  15. Rub-Alcohol Blues – William E. Myer
  16. We Got Back the Plague

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