On July 12, 1999.

On July 12, 1999, “Too Pure” label released “The Fidelity Wars”, the second Hefner studio album. It was recorded in 1999, at “Roadhouse Studios” in London.


  • Darren Hayman – vocals, guitar
  • Jack Hayter – flute, stylophone, pedal steel
  • John Morrison – bass guitar
  • Antony Harding – drums
  • Gina Birch – vocals
  • Peter Astor – guitar
  • Martin Slattery – organ, tenor saxophone
  • Neil Yates – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Matt Coleman – trombone
  • Christopher Andrews – scratching
  • Miti Adhikari – engineer, mixing
  • Simon Askew – engineer assistant
  • Sean Doherty – engineer assistant
  • Jeremy Gill – engineer assistant
  • Simon Morris – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Darren Hayman.

  1. The Hymn for the Cigarettes
  2. May God Protect Your Home
  3. The Hymn for the Alcohol
  4. I Took Her Love for Granted
  5. Every Little Gesture
  6. Weight of the Stars
  7. I Stole a Bride
  8. We Were Meant to Be
  9. Fat Kelly’s Teeth
  10. Don’t Flake Out on Me
  11. I Love Only You

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