The Garden: Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

On March 13, 2020, “Epitaph” label released “Kiss My Super Bowl Ring”, the fourth Garden (The) studio album. It was recorded 2019 – 2020, at “Senhorse Studios”, and was produced by Dylan Brady, Jamie Bulled, Fletcher Shears and Wyatt Shears.


  • Wyatt Shears – vocals, bass, electronics, guitars
  • Fletcher Shears – vocals, drums, electronics
  • Khalif Jones – additional vocals
  • Ariel Pink – additional vocals
  • Carrot Top – vocal samples
  • Wharfwhit – vocal samples
  • Samur Khouja – engineer, mixing
  • Jim Kissling – mastering
  • Alex Petty – artwork
  • Ashley Clue – assistant art director, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Wyatt Shears and Fletcher Shears.

  1. Clench to Stay Awake
  2. A Struggle
  3. Sneaky Devil
  4. Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
  5. A Fool’s Expedition
  6. AMPM Truck
  7. Hit Eject
  8. The King of Cutting Corners
  9. Lurkin
  10. Lowrider Slug
  11. Please, Fuck Off

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