Matmatah: Plates Coutures

On March 3, 2017, “La Ouache Production” label released “Plates Coutures”, the fifth Matmatah studio album. It was recorded in August 2016, at “ICP Studios” and “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Bruno Green, Emmanuel Baroux, Éric Digaire, Benoît Fournier and Tristan Nihouarn.


  • Emmanuel Baroux – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Éric Digaire – vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussions
  • – drums, percussion, guitars, piano
  • Tristan Nihouarn – vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, flute
  • Bruno Green – keyboards, guitars, percussions
  • Gaëlle Kerrien – choirs
  • Gaëlle Bellaunay – choirs
  • Morgane Mercier – choirs director, choirs
  • Ghislaine Bachelier, Odile Guillarmou, Nadia Le Goff, Grand Palladium – choirs
  • Dana Colley – voice, bass clarinet, saxophones, flute
  • Sebastien Blanchon – trumpet
  • David Dupuis – trombone
  • Jacopo Costa – cimbalum 

Track listing:

 All tracks by Tristan Nihouarn.

  1. Nous y sommes
  2. Lésine pas
  3. Petite frappe
  4. Marée haute
  5. Toboggan
  6. Retour à la normale
  7. Ô ma beauté
  8. Entre en lignes
  9. Overcom
  10. Margipop
  11. Peshmerga

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