Benny Golson: One Day, Forever

On February 27, 2001, “Arkadia Jazz” label released “One Day, Forever”, the 31st Benny Golson album. It was recorded in November 1996, September 1999 and October 2000, at “Sandhausen Studios” in Germany, “Avatar Studios” and “Patrych Recording”  in New York, “39th Street Music”  in New York City, and was produced by Bob Karcy.


  • Benny Golson – tenor saxophone, arranger, conductor
  • Shirley Horn – vocals
  • Art Farmer – trumpet
  • Curtis Fuller – trombone
  • Robert Carlisle, John Clark – French horn
  • Elizabeth Mann – flute
  • Gerard Reuter – oboe
  • Mulgrew Miller – piano
  • Geoff Keezer – piano
  • Lara Downes – piano
  • Bill Mays – keyboards
  • Clay Ruede, David Heiss, Diane Barere, Eliana Mendoza, Erik Friedlander, Eugene Moye, Frederick Zlotkin, Jeanne Leblanc, Joseph Kimura, Lanny Paykin, Maxine Neuman, Richard Locker – cello
  • Ron Carter – bass
  • Dwayne Burno – bass
  • Joe Farnsworth – drums
  • Carl Allen – drums
  • Dennis Wall – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Benny Golson

  1. One Day, Forever (I Remember Miles)
  2. Blue Walk
  3. Killer Joe
  4. Are You Real?
  5. Sad to Say
  6. Out of the Past
  7. Blues Alley
  8. Along Came Betty
  9. On Gossamer Wings

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