Haruomi Hosono & Bill Laswell: Interpieces Organization

On February 21, 1996, “Baidis” label released “Interpieces Organization”, album by Haruomi Hosono and Bill Laswell. It was recorded in 1995, at “Quiet Lodge”, “Hanagebyoon Studio”, “Camouflage Studio” in Tokyo, and “Greenpoint Studios” in Brooklyn, “Meow Studio” in New York,  and was produced by Bill Laswell and Haruomi Hosono.


  • Tetsu Inoue – electronics
  • Miharu Koshi – voice
  • Something Wonderful – remix
  • Terre Thaemlitz – remix
  • Yoshihiro Sawasaki – remix
  • Kay Nakauama – engineer
  • Robert Musso – engineer
  • Bobby Hata – mastering
  • Akira Kitajime – photography
  • Osamu Yahagi – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Unfinished Screams
  2. Interpieces
  3. Coiled
  4. Jeephead Shaman
  5. Wakare Michi
  6. Y.S. Tangled in Tokyo
  7. Bush

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