Tindersticks: Distractions

On February 19, 2021, “Lucky Dog” and “City Slang” labels released “Distractions”, the 13th Tindersticks album. It was recorded in 2020, at “Le Chien Chanceux” and “RAK”, and was produced by Stuart Staples.


  • Stuart Staples – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitars, drums, loops, programming, field recording, mixing
  • Dan McKinna – Wurlitzer piano, electric piano, bass guitar, string arrangements
  • David Boulter – keyboards
  • Neil Fraser – E-Bow, electric guitars
  • Earl Harvin – keyboards, snare drum, percussion
  • David Coulter – musical saw
  • David Kitt – additional guitar
  • Calina De La Mare, Lucy Wilkins, Rob Spriggs, Sarah Wilson – strings
  • Gina Foster – vocal
  • Côme Jalibert – storm recording, mixing
  • George Murphy – recording
  • Jason Mitchell – mastering
  • Sidonie Osborne Staples – front cover image
  • Ian Youngs – layout

Track listing:

  1. Man Alone (Can’t Stop Fadin’) – Stuart Staple
  2. I Imagine You – Stuart Staples, Dan McKinna
  3. A Man Needs a Maid – Neil Young
  4. Lady With the Braid – Dory Previn
  5. You’ll Have to Scream Louder – Daniel Treacy
  6. Tue-Moi – Dan McKinna, Stuart Staoles
  7. The Bough Bends – Stuart Staple

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