Ornette Coleman: In All Languages

In February 1987,” Caravan of Dreams” label released “In All Languages”, the 51st Ornette Coleman album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Denardo Coleman.


  • Ornette Coleman – alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet
  • Charlie Ellerbee – electric guitar
  • Bernie Nix – electric guitar
  • Don Cherry – trumpet
  • Jamaaladeen Tacuma – bass guitar
  • Al MacDowell – bass guitar
  • Charlie Haden – double bass
  • Billy Higgins – drums
  • Denardo Coleman – drums
  • Calvin Weston – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Ornette Coleman.

  1. Peace Warriors
  2. Feet Music
  3. Africa is the Mirror of All Colors
  4. Word for Bird
  5. Space Church (Continuous Service)
  6. Latin Genetics
  7. In All Languages
  8. Sound Manual
  9. Mothers of the Veil
  10. Cloning
  11. Music News
  12. Mothers of the Veil
  13. The Art of Love Is Happiness
  14. Latin Genetics
  15. Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow
  16. Listen Up
  17. Feet Music
  18. Space Church (Continuous Service)
  19. Cloning
  20. In All Languages
  21. Biosphere
  22. Story Tellers
  23. Peace Warriors

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