The Big Moon: Walking Like We Do

On January 10, 2020, “Fiction Records” label released “Walking Like We Do”, the second Big Moon (The) studio album. It was recorded in2019, at “Studio BTS” in Atlanta, US, and was produced by Ben H. Allen III.


  • Juliette Jackson – vocals, guitars, keyboards, flute, piano
  • Soph Nathan – vocals, guitars, bass
  • Celia Archer – vocals, keyboards, piano, bass
  • Fern Ford – vocals, keyboards, drums, trumpet
  • Ben H. Allen III – additional keyboards, percussion, mixing
  • Richard Sherrington – horns
  • Rob Opitz – horns
  • Ben Etter – engineer, mixing
  • Billy Halliday – additional engineer
  • Duncan Albert Jr. – engineer assistant
  • Ian Horrocks – engineer assistant
  • Parker Bradford – engineer assistant
  • Rafael Rojas – engineer assistant
  • Spencer Poole – engineer assistant
  • Trae Young – engineer assistant
  • Pooneh Ghana – photography

Track listing:

  1. It’s Easy Then
  2. Your Light
  3. Dog Eat Dog
  4. Why
  5. Don’t Think
  6. Waves
  7. Holy Roller
  8. Take a Piece
  9. Barcelona
  10. A Hundred Ways to Land
  11. ADHD

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