Pharaoh Sanders: Black Unity

On December 8, 1971, “Impulse!” label released “Black Unity”, the seventh Pharaoh Sanders album. It was recorded in November 1971, and was produced by Lee Young.


  • Pharoah Sanders — soprano and tenor saxophone, balafon
  • Marvin “Hannibal” Peterson — trumpet
  • Carlos Garnett — flute, tenor saxophone
  • Joe Bonner — piano
  • Stanley Clarke, Cecil McBee — bass
  • Norman Connors, Billy Hart — drums
  • Lawrence Killian — conga, balafon, talking drum, percussion
  • Tony May — engineer
  • Erick Labson — remastering
  • Hollis King — art direction
  • Christine Lee — graphic design
  • Chuck Stewart — photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Pharaoh Sanders.

  1. Black Unity (part one)
  2. Black Unity (part two)

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