The Deep: Psychedelic Moods

In October 1966, “Cameo Parkway Records” label released “Psychedelic Moods”, the debut Deep (The) album. It was recorded in August 1966, at “Cameo Parkway Studios” in Philadelphia, PA, and was produced by Mark Barkan, Rusty Evans, David Bromberg, Mark Barkan and David Richard Blackhurst.


  • Rusty Evans – lead vocals, lead guitar, artwork
  • David Bromberg – rhythm guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Mark Barkan – percussion, backing vocals
  • David Richard Blackhurst – drums
  • Garry Sherman – arranger
  • Joel Fein – engineer
  • Larry Nix – mastering
  • Douglas Fiske – art direction
  • Neil Bogart – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Color Dreams
  2. Pink Ether
  3. When Rain Is Black
  4. It’s All a Part of Me
  5. Turned On
  6. Psychedelic Moon
  7. Shadows on the Wall
  8. Crystal Nite
  9. Trip #76
  10. Wake Up and Find Me
  11. Your Choice to Choose
  12. On Off – Off On

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