Neil Finn: The Sun Came Out

On August 31, 2009, “Columbia” label released “The Sun Came Out”, the fifth Neil Finn album. It was recorded in 2009, at “Roundhead Studios”, and was produced by Jim Scott and Neil Finn.


  • Neil Finn – lead and harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar, piano, xylophone
  • Johnny Marr – vocals, electric guitar
  • Ed O’Brien – vocals, electric guitar
  • Pat Sansone – piano, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar, celesta, harmony vocals
  • Mikael Jorgesen – organ, synthesizer
  • Nels Cline – acoustic and slide guitar
  • Phil Selway – percussion
  • Elroy Finn – drums
  • Glenn Kotche – drums, percussion, drum machine
  • Luke Bullen – drums, body percussion, handclaps
  • Sebastian Steinberg – bass
  • Lisa Germano – violin, electric guitar, theremin, harmony vocals
  • Liam Finn – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, Hammond organ, loops
  • Bic Runga – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Ivy Rossiter – backing vocals
  • Don McGlashan – vocals, guitar, euphonium, flugelhorn
  • KT Tunstall – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, handclaps
  • Jeff Tweedy – vocals, voice, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ
  • John Stirratt – bass, harmony vocals
  • Cecilia Herbert – harmony vocals
  • Eliza Jane Barnes – harmony vocals
  • Sonny Marr – backing vocals
  • Glenn Richards – vocals, electric guitar
  • Nile Marr – vocals, acoustic guitar

Track listing:

  1. Too Blue – Johnny Marr, Jeff Tweedy
  2. You Never Know – Jeff Tweedy
  3. Little by Little – Sharon Finn, Neil Finn
  4. Learn to Crawl – Ed O’Brien, Johnny Marr, Liam Finn, Neil Finn
  5. Girl, Make your Own Mind Up – Don McGlashan
  6. Hazel Black – KT Tunstall, Neil Finn
  7. Red Wine Bottle – Liam Finn, Chris Garland, Johnny Marr
  8. Black Silk Ribbon – KT Tunstall, Bic Runga
  9. Run in the Dust – Johnny Marr
  10. The Ties That Bind Us – Phil Selway
  11. What Could Have Been – Jeff Tweedy
  12. Duxton Blues – Glenn Richards
  13. Reptile – Lisa Germano

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