Butthole Surfers: Weird Revolution

On August 28, 2001, “Surfdog Records” and “Hollywood Records” label released “Weird Revolution”, the eighth Butthole Surfers studio album. It was recorded in 2001, and was produced by Paul Leary and Rob Cavallo.


  • Gibby Haynes – vocals
  • Paul Leary – guitar, mixing
  • King Coffey – drums
  • Nathan Calhoun – bass
  • Chris Vrenna – additional drum programming
  • Michael Bradford – engineer, additional production
  • Stuart Sullivan – engineer, mixing
  • Allen Sides – engineer
  • Chris Lord-Alge – mixing
  • Brian Gardner – mastering
  • Actionfigure – art direction, design

Track listing:

  1. Weird Revolution
  2. The Shame of Life
  3. Dracula from Houston
  4. Venus
  5. Shit Like This
  6. Mexico
  7. Intelligent Guy
  8. Get Down
  9. Jet Fighter
  10. The Last Astronaut
  11. Yentel
  12. They Came In (“They Came In” ends at minute 4:02. After 17 minutes and 50 seconds of silence, at minute 21:52 begins a hidden track: it’s a reprise of the song “The Last Astronaut”

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