The Wonder Stuff: The Eight Legged Groove Machine

On August 15, 1988, “Polydor” label released “The Eight Legged Groove Machine”, the debut Wonder Stuff (The) album. It was recorded in 1988, and was produced by Pat Collier.


  • Miles Hunt – vocals, guitars
  • Malc Treece – vocals, guitars
  • Rob “The Bass Thing” Jones – bass
  • Martin Gilks – drums
  • Jessica Corcoran – engineer
  • Martyn Strickland – photography

Track listing:

All tracks composed by Miles Hunt, Malc Treece, Rob Jones and Martin Gilks.

  1. Red Berry Joy Town
  2. No, for the 13th Time
  3. It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby
  4. Rue the Day
  5. Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More
  6. Like a Merry Go Round
  7. The Animals and Me
  8. A Wish Away
  9. Grin
  10. Mother and I
  11. Some Sad Someone
  12. Ruby Horse
  13. Unbearable
  14. Poison

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