Guitar Shorty: Roll Over, Baby

On August 11, 1998, “Black Top” label released “Roll Over, Baby”, the fifth Guitar Shorty studio album. The album was recorded in April and May 1998 and was produced by Hammond Scott and Nauman S. Scott.


  • Guitar Shorty (David William Kearney) – vocal, guitar
  • David Torkanowsky – piano, Hammond organ
  • Lee Allen Zeno – bass, associate producer
  • Kenneth Blevins, Shannon Powell, Danny Pucillo Quartet – drums, percussion
  • Ernest Youngblood, Jr. – tenor saxophone 
  • Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff – baritone and tenor saxophone
  • Jamil Sharif, Gary Slechta – trumpet
  • Rick Trolsen – trombone
  • David Farrell, Steve Reynolds – engineer, editing, mixing, sequencing
  • Hammond Scott — editing, mixing, sequencing
  • Diane Wanek — design
  • Rick Olivier — photography
  • Heather West — production coordination
  • Nauman S. Scott — executive producer
  • Blake Thompson — production assistant

Track listing:

  1. I Want to Report a Crime – Williams
  2. Roll Over Baby – David William Kearney, Hammond Scott
  3. Sugar Wugar – David William Kearney, Hammond Scott
  4. Don’t Mess with My Woman – David William Kearney
  5. Me and You Last Night – Williams
  6. Let’s Get Close – David William Kearney
  7. I Wonder Who’s Sleeping in My Bed – David William Kearney
  8. The Porkchop Song – Williams
  9. I’m Going Back to Houston – David William Kearney
  10. Hey Joe – Roberts

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