Jarv is: Beyond the Pale

On July 17, 2020, “Rough Trade” label released “Beyond the Pale”, the debut Jarv Is studio album. It was recorded April 2018 – September 2019, at “Peak Cavern” in Derbyshire, UK, “Primavera Sound” in Barcelona, Spain, and was produced by Jason Buckle and Jarvis Cocker.


  • Jarvis Cocker – lead and backing vocals, Boss voice transformer, Vox Starstreamer guitar, Spanish guitar, Gibson Les Paul, Marine Rider guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, Philicorda organ, Korg MS-20 synthesiser, kalimba, synth loop, Mellotron, handclaps, whistling
  • Serafina Steer – miniKORG, microKORG preset, Philicorda organ, harp, Elka Rhapsody, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, backing vocals, handclaps
  • Emma Smith – violin, saxophone, Vox Starstreamer guitar, backing vocals, handclaps
  • Jason Buckle – synthesizer, 808 programming, cabasa, tambourine, Wasp synthesizer, programmed drums, wah-wah guitar, bass synth, Syncussion, Echoplex, Philicorda organ, electronic percussion, handclaps
  • Andrew McKinney – bass, Fender Bass VI, backing vocals, handclaps, Moog Taurus pedals
  • Adam Betts – drums, percussion, tongue plate percussion, electronic percussion, backing vocals
  • Steve Mackey – programmed strings, original drum sample
  • Jason Domnarski – piano
  • Chris Vatalaro – prepared piano, handclaps
  • Naala – backing vocals
  • Eoban and Cedric Tomlin – backing vocals
  • Andy Pink – live recordings
  • Drew Smith – overdubs, vocals recording
  • Craig Silvey – mixing
  • Max Prior – mixing assistant
  • Dani Spragg – mixing assistant
  • Kevin Metcalfe – mastering
  • Thibault Dargeou – recording
  • Graeme Swinton (Actually) – design
  • Dave Bunnell – cave photograph
  • Eddie Whelan – band photograph

Track listing:

  1. Save the Whale – Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Jason Buckle, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Adam Betts
  2. Must I Evolve – Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer
  3. Am I Missing Something – Jarvis Cocker, Jason Buckle, Serafina Steer, Steve Mackey
  4. House Music All Night Long – Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Chris Vatalaro
  5. Sometimes I Am Pharaoh – Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Steve Mackey
  6. Swanky Modes – Jarvis Cocker, Jason Domnarski, Serafina Steer
  7. Children of the Echo – Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Jason Buckle

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